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Fire Suppression And Prevention

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FrontLine Fire Protection is a fully licensed fire suppression company servicing Kingston, Ontario and surrounding areas. 

Inspection, Testing and Maintenance

Maintaining your fire sprinkler system is crucial to ensuring your safety and the safety of your property. At FrontLine Fire Protection, our team provides expert inspection, testing, and maintenance services to ensure your system is up to code and ready to protect you in the event of a fire. 

New system installation

At FrontLine Fire Protection, we specialize in new system installations of fire protection systems. Our team of experienced professionals will work with you from start to finish, conducting complete design and hydraulic calculations to ensure your sprinkler piping is installed properly. 


Backflow Prevention

Our backflow prevention services are second to none. We understand the critical role that proper backflow prevention plays in protecting your domestic drinking water. Our team of experts will test your systems to ensure they're up to par and functioning correctly. Trust us to keep your employees and clients safe with our expert services.

Fire Pumps

We provide complete inspection, testing, and maintenance for existing fire pumps as well as annual flow testing to ensure proper working performance. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, we are confident in our ability to provide superior fire suppression solutions. 

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24 Hour Emergency Service

At FrontLine Fire Protection, we know the importance of feeling safe no matter the time of day. This is why we offer 24-hour service to all our customers. Our team is always ready and equipped to handle any emergency that may arise. When you choose FrontLine Fire Protection, you can rest easy knowing that we are always available to support you.

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